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Excalibur roofing offers blown in insulation. Proper insulation has many benefits including lower energy bills, improves air quality, extends the life of your roof, and adds comfort. Proper attic insulation will help your home to maintain a more consistent temperature by reducing uncomfortable fluctuations. It will help to control humidity levels in your home. Increased attic insulation will reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs by keeping the acclimatized air INSIDE your home. The Department of Energy estimates that increasing to R49 attic insulation will reduce energy cost by $600 dollars per year on average.

The EPA says that blown in insulation in the attic baffles will improve the air quality in your home. Attic insulation will create a barrier and reduce outdoor contaminates, such as carbon gasses, from entering the home through the attic. Insulation in the garage will prevent fumes from vehicles passing into the attic and being recirculated in the home through air leaks. It will also minimize the potential for ice dams.